Entry Date: 29.05.2011, at 17:25:25 hrs (local)

Fatu Hiva (Marquesas) - Maupiti (Society Islands)

No fruits but an invitation for lunch in Hakahetau


PRID: 10185
LegID: 247
LegNo: 26
Latitude: S009°21.40'
Longitude: W140°06.27'
Day#: 252
Log (Day): 25 nm
Log (Leg): 265 nm
Log (Total): 16127 nm
Daniel´s Bay at Nuku Hiva was not our favorite place because of the bad weather. Additional our wind lass breaks when we go anchor up. At least we know how to get the heavy anchor chain up with our jib winches. So we sail to Hakahetau at Oa Pou which is our last stop in the Marquesas before we continue towards the Tuamotos.

The wind is blowing with 20 - 30 knots and we take it from close reach with double reef in the mainsail and the jib. The waves are higher then 3 meters and Squalls are bringing even more wind and some rain. The weather in Hakahetau isn´t much better.

We meet many of our sailing friends again. Lutz is repairing the wind lass, which had an electrical problem. Gabi wants to get some fruits from Manfred, a German living up the mountain. Together with the crew of Anna X we walk up the mountain but after more then one hour walk on a muddy dirt road we think we lost the way and return without fruits. On our way back a local family is inviting us for lunch at their home. They celebrate mother´s day. We get raw fish, mutton, potato salad, tomato salad, bread fruit and manioc. The even offer their expensive wine and beer to us!

Again the Marquesian people will always be remembered as very friendly and relaxed people with a great hospitality to us sailors.